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Reinforced Concrete Structures

Create reinforcement drawings up to 10x faster.

GstarConcrete – CAD Add-on for quick and effective reinforced concrete structures design.

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    GstarConcrete is compatible with all GstarCAD versions. It can be supported also on AutoCAD and some other CAD platforms.


    All GstarConcrete functions are quick, simple and effective. Create simple of complex structural design drawings. Improve your efficiency and deliver better drawings for your reinforced concrete drawings.


    User friendly and simple interface. The colors of the “fields”, the “notes”, and anything else, contained inside these easy-to-use “dialogue boxes”, with real previews, were projected to make GstarConcrete an intuitive software.


    All objects, created by GstarConcrete are “smart” texts and polylines. Furthermore all GstarCAD commands are applicable. By simply editing a text, all related items are updated in real time. Similarly, by stretching an edge everything is automatically updated. Finally the drawing, once modiefied or open with the Software, will still be a DWG file, printable and readable by any kind of CAD.

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All the necessary to draw decks plans.



Reinforcement module



Special functions


GstarConcrete, an innovative software add-on, revolutionizes the process of drawing reinforced concrete structures. Compatible with GstarCAD, AutoCAD Full, and ZWCAD, this tool was meticulously crafted with the input of structural experts. Its unique philosophy centers around preserving the integrity of the initial workflow and layout characteristics, without imposing rigid constraints. Moreover, GstarConcrete is equipped with a range of user-friendly yet powerful tools, enabling users to effortlessly create high-quality and professional drawings. By leveraging this cutting-edge software, you can significantly reduce production time and enhance productivity.

GstarConcrete harnesses the power of CAD objects and commands to their fullest potential. By simply editing a bar text, just like you would in any CAD software, you can witness real-time changes in the drawing. The program’s intuitive “dialogue boxes” have been designed with a self-training principle in mind, serving as both a helpful guide and a comprehensive manual for users.

GstarConcrete revolutionizes the use of CAD primitive objects by making them “smart”. By utilizing only polylines and texts, GstarConcrete enables the application of all CAD commands to its objects. This means that anyone proficient in CAD can effortlessly navigate and manipulate GstarConcrete with ease.

GstarConcrete effortlessly handles all aspects associated with the plotting scale, such as text, dimensions, and hatches. Moreover, it dynamically generates continuous updates in real time, adapting seamlessly to any changes in the working scale.

With the inclusion of training real previews in all windows, the program becomes incredibly user-friendly, resembling a helpful guide or a comprehensive training manual.

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