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Full CAD package for professionals!

Cheaper in the full package! CADprofi Suite includes all 4 CADprofi modules for 50% price. Do your work much faster by using 4 professional modules. Advanced commands, the largest library of symbols and objects and many functions are available in CADprofi Suite.


CADprofi designing

Professional software add-on used by more than 190 thousand designers all over the world.


Examples of using CADprofi Suite:

  • When designing electrical and HVAC installations, you can first quickly draw building plans using the architectural module.

  • The rooms defined in the architectural module can be exported to the DIALux program as a ready building outline. Then, lighting fixtures selected in DIALux can be easily imported into the electrical module and afterwards you can easily assign them to appropriate electrical circuits and create specifications. Thanks to this, you can finish a complete project much faster and easier.

  • In the architectural module you can designate rooms, and then using the Arrange command you can quickly arrange fire detectors, sprinklers and other objects from the electrical and HVAC & Piping modules.

  • In the mechanical module you can design mounting method for tanks, trays and other objects from the electrical module as well as HVAC & piping systems.

  • In the electrical module, you can design the electrical installation for vehicle charging stations. Thanks to the architectural module, you can designate charging points for cars.

  • You can design evacuation and fire protection plans, including:

    – in the architectural module you can quickly draw building plans and create evacuation, fire protection and safety plans.

    – in the electrical module you can design fire detection systems, emergency lighting and other intelligent building and safety systems.

    – in the HVAC & Piping module you can design any piping and ventilation installations, including fire extinguishing and smoke venting systems.

  • In the architectural module you can easily define the technical parameters of the rooms (lighting, ventilation, temperature, heat loss).

  • When creating a building plan in the architectural module, you can show the location of radiators (e.g. under windows or on the walls) from the HVAC & piping module.

  • In the architectural module, you can easily insert bushings (culverts) for pipes, ventilation ducts and cable trays.

Libraries from many known manufacturers:

  • Apparatus and electrical switchboards.

  • Busbars, mesh cable trays.

  • Designing lighting protection system.

  • Armature, pumps, boilers, tanks, etc.

  • Elements of exhaust fumes/chimney installations.

  • Elements of plumbing installations.

  • Typical boiler systems.

  • Products prepared in BIM technology, including Revit (RFA).

New users in this year:


+11.6% vs last year

  • CADprofi software is being used in more than 190 countries.

  • Our software is being distributed by more than 100 distributors.

Total number of customers using CADprofi software

Over 190 thousand CAD designers can’t be wrong!

  • 3100 users and 29 IT specialists recruited by the Market Research Institute Statista awarded CADprofi with a “Trusted Solutions” title.

  • CADprofi company received “Development Partner of the Year” award by GstarSoft.

  • Center for Appraisal and Technical Services (SEP) recommends using CADprofi.